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ProstaGenix – 1 MONTH SUPPLY

What you’ll get:

  • Relief from frequent nighttime urination
  • Reduce inflammatory molecules in the prostate
  • No more dribbling, urgency or performance issues
  • Long term prostate protection

ProstaGenix is safe and effective. There are no side effects because it’s all-natural. It broke the record at the ConsumerLab.com testing analysis over all other prostate supplements in their 24 year history!

Reg Price: $44.88
Lowest Price: $49.95

Products Description

Something very few “gurus” on prostate health want to admit, is that the key to ending your prostate problems is actually very simple. If you are getting up at night to go more than three times, or looking for trees to duck behind during the day to go, and all the other things men with prostate issues go through – you know what I mean. But if you have prostate problems, all you really need to know is inside the book The Supplement Handbook, written by Dr. Mark Moyad. He’s been called America’s number one expert on dietary supplements. He’s the head of science and nutrition at The University of Michigan. That’s a BIG deal. He is the real deal – not the bogus doctor photos, with no names, you see on many of these “ratings” websites.

So in Dr. Moyad’s book, he has an entire chapter on prostate health. And here is the takeaway. He says saw palmetto is the most overrated herb for your prostate – BY FAR. He called it “worthless.” Two major studies show that saw palmetto is worthless. And he said the number one natural ingredient to end your enlarged prostate issues is a plant sterol called Beta-Sitosterol. The studies on Beta-sitosterol – very impressive.

But he goes on to say that in his experience that dosages of Beta-Sitosterol that are higher – higher than the clinical studies seem to work even better.

I’ll tell you why this is important:

He is America’s top supplement guru. Think of him as the Tom Brady, Michael Jordan or Jack Nicklaus of his profession. He is the best, or at worst he’s number two or three (and the other experts say the same thing too.).

The reason this is important as you look at our Top Five rated supplements here, they all have as their lead ingredient Beta-Sitosterol. And this product which came out as rated number one – and number one by a mile I might add, this product – ProstaGenix is LOADED with Beta-Sitosterol.

Before 2017 ProstaGenix wasn’t even on the map. It didn’t exist. Yet in less than five years, it is now the number one rated and number one selling prostate supplement in the world. It is blowing all the other products (and there are some other darn good products out there) out of the water for one simple reason. They have the exclusive rights to the purest form of Beta-Sitosterol in the world (it comes from France – from a famous forest near the Bordeaux wine region).

They have this special form of Beta-Sitosterol, they put over 800 mg of it in each dose – and guess what – it works like crazy. That is pretty much it. They have other important ingredients in the product – Selenium, Zinc, Quercetin, Grape Seed Extract, and a number of other vitamins and minerals, all of which are good for your prostate. BUT, these other ingredients alone can’t stop you from getting up to go. They won’t shrink the swelling of your prostate. They won’t make your stream strong again – none of it.

All that matters if you are trying to reduce the swelling is this Beta-Sitosterol -that is why it’s so popular. What makes their Beta-Sitosterol so special? Why not just go to GNC or Amazon and buy a bottle of pure Beta-Sitosterol? Well, this one from France is truly different and exceptional. It is from a company over 70 years old that has their facility right in the middle of the Landes Forest in France where this comes from. ALL – yes ALL of the published clinical trials showing that Beta-Sitosterol works to improve prostate health uses the Beta-Sitosterol from this company – every one. They get it from pine trees. Specifically from a a rare pine tree called French Maritime Pine Trees.

The company uses a four-part extraction and purification process called CrystalPure, which they have patented in Europe. This process produced a 95 to 97%pure version of the Beta-Sitosterol. Most, if not all, or virtually all of the Beta-Sitosterol products on the market come from China. They are super cheap and not very effective.

There are a few other sources from Canada – from pine trees – that are way better than the ones from China, but still not in the same league as this one from France. So the other companies can never compete – and that is why this product is taking over the market.

Maybe one of your friends told you about it. Or maybe you saw Larry King talking about it on TV. Maybe you saw one of their testimonial ads on FaceBook. Or many you never heard of it until now. Doesn’t matter. All that matters is you have now discovered the name of the best product in history to help your prostate problems. This is it.

You can check out Dr. Moyad’s book. Or check our Roger Mason’s bookThe Natural Prostate Cure. Roger is a Ph.D. and is a prostate super guru. Perhaps the number one prostate guru in the world, while Dr. Moyad may be the number one overall dietary supplement guru. And guess what Roger’s advice is? Toss saw palmetto, lycopene, and all the other stuff you hear hyped up by the BIG marketing companies – toss it in the trash and get some high-quality Beta-Sitosterol.

So ProstaGenix is number one. I would recommend you try ProstaGenix and see for yourself. If you are like 9 out of 10 men, it will help you tremendously. And if it doesn’t, you can get your money back. They have a 90-day refund policy. The longest in the business because they know most guys won’t use it because the pills work too well. But if it doesn’t work for you, you get 100% of your money back. It is pretty cut and dry.

Remember, buying prostate pills is not like buying furniture or a car or something, where your wife might like a blue couch or something modern or classic, and you might like a western rugged look or something different. In furniture, cars, food – you name it – everyone has different tastes or styles they are looking for.

But with prostate pills, every man wants the EXACT same thing – a solution that will reduce the swelling so they can stop getting up at night and end their urgency, etc., therefore the only choice is ProstaGenix. It is the Rolls Royce of the market – you will not be disappointed.

Products Formula

Their formula not only broke the record for the highest score in the 23 year history of the ConsumerLab.com prostate lab test contest – but it also won the famous international prostate pill lab test competition. It got the highest Beta-Sitosterol and total sterol score of 157 products from 16 countries tested at laboratories in America. That shocked the prostate industry, and put them on the map BIG TIME! The test showed they have over 823mg of Beta-Sitosterol in EACH SERVING and 1,052mg of overall sterols in EACH SERVING. No wonder it works so well – with numbers like that – it’s a beast!
Their featured ingredient is a BetaRexin Proprietary Sterol Blend, which includes Beta-SitosterolCampesterolStigmasterol, and Brassicasterol. Other ProstaGenix ingredients include Grape Seed Extract, Pomegranate Extract and Quercetin.
The dosages, amounts, and distillation-levels of these ingredients are formulated to specifically affect the prostate.
There are 90 pills in a bottle. Each serving is 3 pills. There are no known side effects.

ConsumerLab Best Prostate Pill

Ordering Details

Each bottle of ProstaGenix is a month’s worth of product. You can buy it straight from the ProstaGenix website for $49.95. But you can get a better deal by going with 3 bottles for $99.95, or even better with 5 bottles for $149.95. This manufacturer offers a 90-day money-back “iron clad” guarantee for direct purchases. You can save a few bucks by purchasing ProstaGenix through Amazon, but the money-back guarantee does not apply there. 

The Bottom Line

From the ProstaGenix site: We have combined the highest, most potent dosage of Beta-Sitosterol of any product and combined it with a super polyphenol blend, specifically shown improve prostate health. We then rounded out the formula with an 11 vitamins and minerals mixture, specifically targeting your prostate health.