Super Beta Prostate Advanced P3 Our #3 Top Rated Prostate Product


Super Beta Prostate P3 Advanced

What you’ll get:

  • Reduce Bathroom Trips
  • Promote Sleep
  • Support Urinary Health & Bladder Emptying

*Results may vary on individual.

It comes in a nice blue bottle!

Reg Price: $34.47
Lowest Price: $39.95 - $50

Products Description

I have them ranked number three for several reasons. First is that it is easy to get. It is in a number of retail stores and it is also the product I get asked the about the most. Super Beta Prostate is well known. But there are other smaller companies and products out there that have formulas that are better. For example Tera Herbs Prostate and Vasotrexx Prostate Supplement. Both of these have higher Beta-Sitosterol scores, but they companies – especially VasoTrexx, are poorly run. Small outfits that don’t produce their prostate product on a massive scale. Vasotrexx produces under 50,000 bottles a year, while a big dog like Super Beta Prostate or ProstaGenix produce many millions.

So if you can’t get a product, or if the company is so small the are always running out or experiencing constant back orders, is that really that helpful? Yes, if you can consistently get it – but unfortunately that’s not the case. SBP P3 is a solid product that can definitely help and it is easy to get. So that is why I have them in here at number three – not just on pure formula – but looking at the other factors I mentioned.

It test our as having over 250 mg of Beta-sistosterol in a dose. Still a good score by any measure, so I am comfortable in recommending them as the number three product I would recommend.

Products Formula

Like we said, it has over 250 mg of Beta-sistosterol in a dose. There’s also vitamin D, calcium, zinc, selenium, copper, manganese, chromium and molybdenum.

Ordering Details

You can get Super Beta Prostate P3 through Amazon here. It’s usually about $35 to $40 a bottle and because of all the advertising they do, there’s a bunch of people selling it. 

The Bottom Line

From their web site: Always looking for the closest bathroom… just in case? This doesn’t have to be a normal part of your life! Despite what you may think, constant urges to urinate doesn’t have to be a permanent problem.