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Super Beta Prostate

What you’ll get:

  • Healthy urinary flow
  • Popular recognizable name
  • Healthy urinary function

*Results may vary on individual.

You’ve seen the ads, they’re everywhere!

Reg Price: $29.95
Lowest Price: $28.95 - $39.95

Products Description

Maybe you have seen their ads with football great Joe Theismann? Or you have seen them in GNC or the drug store? They are like the McDonald’s or Wendy’s of the prostate industry. And the formula is pretty darn good. It has Beta-Sitosterol – no saw palmetto or lycopene, and it has a nice mix of vitamins, minerals as well as zinc and selenium. In fact, their formula is very similar to ProstaGenix – but just doesn’t have the massive amounts of Beta-Sistosterol as ProstaGenix does. Lab test show this to have around 230 mg in it. Still a very good score – just not a “superstar” score.

A lot of men online complain about SBP and say it doesn’t work or it’s a scam. This is not fair. The formula is quite good, but if you have SEVERE prostate problems, it might not be strong enough for you. Plus, SBP has sold so many over the years they are bound to have people ripping them apart. It’s a solid product. The company upset many men for running ads on TV offering a free bottle, then you come to find out that in order to get the free bottle you have to agree to get shipped bottle after bottle each month a a high price. So after so many complaints about their billing practices, they moved their efforts in to putting the product into stores and in their TV ads they just tell you to pick it up at your local store.

If you have a minor prostate problem, or if you are just looking to give your prostate nourishment, then this might be perfect for you. It is not very expensive. It sells for $29 in stores – a low price for stores. You have probably seen prostate pills for $19 or even lower a bottle – don’t was your time – they are all crap. Just low priced worthless herbs made by big companies trying to sell you on the low price. If you have ever tried one of these you know it’s true – they don’t work.

If you have tried Super Beta Prostate and it didn’t work for you then you need to try something stronger. Your prostate issue is probably worse than you may have realized because SBP and SBP P3 work for many men. At the end of the day this is a “solid” product – like a guy who averages 14 points a game in the NBA. That’s dar good and nothing to sneeze at – but its not Dr. J or Magic of Bird – but solid. Think of SBP as a journeyman NBA player.

Products Formula

The Super Beta Prostate formula contains 10 ingredients including 250mg Beta-sitosterol, a natural plant sterol found in many plants including some vegetables, fruits, oils, nuts and legumes, is the key ingredient in Super Beta Prostate and it has been shown to support healthy prostate functioning.

Ordering Details

You can order Super Beta Prostate on their web site or by going to Amazon. It usually goes for somewhere in the neighborhood of $29 to $35 a bottle.


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The Bottom Line

From the web site: Don’t let your prostate affect your quality of life. Think of all the fun things you enjoy doing with your family and friends: hiking in the woods, going on car trips, playing golf with the guys, bike riding with the kids, or going to the movies. Now, think about how you’d feel if your favorite activities were interrupted. Do you always have to be near a bathroom? But that’s exactly what can happen if you let an aging prostate and urinary issues take control of your life. Because when that happens, and you have to plan your activities so you’re always near a bathroom, it can also disrupt your social and personal life … and your quality of life, too.